Sharon A Costianes

Sharon A Costianes

Soprano, Voice Teacher Feldenkrais Practitioner, Herbalist, Mom, Wife, Foodie, & Darn Good Cook.

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My recipe for life: movement + awareness + rest + humor. Stir slowly, bake until easy. It's that simple.



Everything I do is designed to help you feel more comfortable inside your own skin. 

Sharon holds a BMu from Ithaca College in vocal performance and sociology with a minor in theater, a certificate from Feldenkrais Resources in Manhattan, as well as Professional Certification from The Feldenkrais Guild® of North America (2006). She has studied extensively and volunteers at the Clinic with Sheryl Field at the Field Center for Children's Integrated Development.

In her Feldenkrais practice at Body Song, she has worked with a wide variety of people: performers, athletes, elders, and children. She has helped introduce freedom and mobility to people with chronic pain, arthritis, as well as people recovering from injury, trauma, and surgery.

A graduate of Heartstone Herbal School she continues to work intimately with Kris Miller and Tammi Sweet where she regularly feeds the masses with healthy, delicious food. After 10 years of requests, a cookbook is currently in the works!

Sharon has been teaching private voice lessons for over 16 years. In that time, she has earned a reputation for being one of the best teachers in the Ithaca area. Possessing unique insight and skill into the physical organization of the singer, she can assess and correct tension patterns that hinder proper vocal technique quickly and effectively, allowing each student to find more power and ease with beautiful tone and sound quality.

Sharon has had the distinct honor of serving on the faculty at Ithaca College, and the Community School of Music and Arts, and as a guest lecturer at Cornell University. She has taught classes and workshops for organizations such as local homeschooling groups, the Finger Lakes School of Massage, Bridges for Youth and Families Runaway and Homeless Youth Program, and Lifelong Senior Center. 



things people say

Sharon is more than an exemplary voice teacher: her deep wisdom, loving compassion and incredible empathy — not to mention her vast understanding of the body — combine to make her a unique Ithaca treasure.
— Linda Glaser
Finding Sharon was like finding the missing link to years of bodywork. It brought together my practice of yoga, massage and acupuncture creating a new level of physical, mental and emotional freedom.
— Marlaine Darfler
This food is AMAZING! Is there a cookbook?!
— countless apprentices